Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dan a true man... maybe even a prince (Sarah's prince)!

"A prince is confident, passionate, in control, assertive, strong, brave, loyal, and has a code of honour. He takes risks, and he doesn't need the approval of others. He has been tempered by fire. He has faced and conquered his inner demons. And yet he is kind, gentle, and compassionate. He likes himself and is comfortable with who he is.
Most men don't think it is possible to have both steel and velvet. Others mistake strength and power for beating on their chest and roaring like a Spartan (not that those guys are not manly, but you don't have to roar). On the other side of the fence some guys confuse being a gentleman with being a doormat.
Think about it - what is the true meaning behind the word gentleman? A Gentle. Man. Both parts are vital. A gentleman is a man who is not afraid of life not his desires. He has the strength to protect his loved ones, and fight for what he believes in. Yet one who can laugh, grieve, nurture, and heal. Who can appreciate the beauty in a child's smile, in the sunset, and in a woman's embrace."

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