Sunday, May 6, 2012


I feel like the last 8-9 months I've been such a slacker with keeping up with my photography. It isn't because I'm losing interest... it's because this pregnancy has been a rough one for me. It's actually odd because now that I'm towards the end and getting next to no sleep I actually feel like my energy is starting to go up! Crazy, I know! But, my husband and I aren't sure if we'll have more after this one, so I figured I really should document me during pregnancy... One thing I have learned for SURE is that taking good self-portraits is quite the challenge! But, I'm glad to have something documented from this pregnancy, especially where I don't feel like I just look like I'm carrying around a giant watermelon under my shirt!
In just a few weeks hopefully I'll be able to share pictures of my third little boy! I'm SO very very excited to have him here and to be able to share pictures of him with all of you! And to let up on excuses... a little... after all I have to enjoy my new little one!

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