Monday, July 1, 2013


I feel like I am SO blessed to have moved to an area where I have had some INCREDIBLE mentors with photography! When I first began my journey as a photographer I was faced with some photographers that have a lot of talent, but didn't seem very happy about the idea of me doing photography as well. These were two women that I thought I was friends with and was so disappointed with all that happened... but I just LOVE photography. I guess you could say I'm addicted to my camera! Despite the disappointments I faced I've continued to persevere through it all... and now I am SO much happier with my photography and I am especially grateful to a couple of photographers that I have met since moving to Utah, who have helped me grow SO much! This shoot I was SO excited to do and that my husband's cousin Laura was willing to brave the cold river water!!! I've been wanting to do something different from what I usually do with the usual portraits, so I could add something different into my portfolio... so I did a water session, and had SO much fun!!!
There are even MORE to come (so come back and check out what else I have!

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